Persuasion GUTS Tyler Fallahi

The book, GUTS, is a very interesting book. Gary Paulsen does a good job turning the story of his life into a book. There are many reasons why students should read GUTS. First, it is easy to read. There are not that many hard words and it is not full of easy words either. Second, it is a relaxing book. It is pretty slow paced. It is the kind of book you wol sit down and read by the fire place. Finally, it is a fun book. There is no tense plot or boring theme. Overall, students should consider reading GUTS because it is a pretty good book.

Recommendation- GUTS

     This book requires a specific audience.  Ithink that anyone who was curious whie reading the Hatchet should read this book.  Also, if you like biographies you would like this book.  I liked the fact that Paulson interacted on a personal manner with his audience.  He really tried to make his audience understand him more as a person.

          One thing that I did not like about this book was that it was very deceptive. I thought that it would be more of a survival book than a biography.  Frankly, if you like survival books, you would not like this book. If you like books filled with action and excitment, you would no like this book for it is kind of slow.  Overall, it is a decent book that people can enjoy.      

Plot summary

           This book’s plot is based upon many of Gary Paulson’s adventures.  The book starts out with is inspiration for the heart attack scene in the Hatchet.  He was working as a volunteer emergency response ambulance person.  An old guy had a heart attack that affect Paulson deeply.  He also talked about his plane crash over Alaska.  He moves on to talk about his dangerous encounters with animals.  One notable encounter was his experience with moose. One attacked his boss’s truck and another attacked him on his canoe.  Next, he talks about hunting.  He talks about hunting with a gun and a bow.  Finally, he talks about cooking “unique” meals.  overall, Gary Paulson had a busy life.

GUTS- conflict

Like all books, GUTS contains a conflict. The main conflict in this book is external. It is person vs. nature. Gary Paulson shares his experiences with nature to tell his inspirations for his books. Most of these experiences are scary, challenging, and unforgettable for him
There are a few examples of person vs. Nature in this book. One of them is when he tells his experiences with moose. How they charge at him and attack him. Another is when he encounters Mosquitos. They suck his blood, and then he fears of malaria. One last example is his fight.against nature to obtain food.
All in all, The fight against nature is a challenging conflict.

GUTS- Characters

The main, and pretty much only character in my book is Gary Paulson. He seems like a simple and a complex person. He is simple in the fact that he has simple taste. I think that he would be happy with few things. He is complex in the fact that he has many personalities.
Gary Paulson has many personalities. First, he is adventurous. He goes to all sorts of places. Next, he is pretty calm. When he was working on a volunteer ambulance, he stayed calm when one guy had a heart attack. Finally, he is hard-working. He worked three jobs when he was only twelve years old.
Overall, Gary Paulson is a unique person.

GUTS- topic

My book, GUTS, is mainly a bibliography. It is about Gary Paulson’s life. It talks about his inspirations for his survival books. He mainly focuses on his inspirations for The Hatchet. He covers his experiences of heart attacks, pain, moose attacks, woodland resources, and even eating eyeballs.I found the one about moose attacks the most interesting. Overall, the main topic of GUTS is Gary Paulson